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YOGA, moon and stars

I love gazing at the stars and moon at night. It's so fascinating. Sometimes I also use an app where I can see what stars or planets I see in the sky. Of course, I am also interested in astrology and am always happy to interpret the zodiac signs and ascendants ;-)

Today we're going to take a closer look at the moon. Did you know that the different phases of the moon affect us and our organism? This has now been scientifically proven. Here you can find more information about it.

The moon is not only associated with female energy in yoga and has an important role in various cultures.

Here you get an overview of the phases of the moon and their influence on us.

New moon

The new moon is scientifically the first of the four phases of the moon.

He stands spiritually for new beginnings, purification and transformation. You should start new projects and goals that you want to tackle in the new moon phase, as they have good breeding ground. The first three days in particular are full of energy and dynamism from the moon that support you.

Everything is good for your yoga practice that lets you focus and concentrate on yourself and strengthens the 2nd chakra (Svadhisthana - change) and 3rd chakra (Manipura - inner strength/new beginning).Here are a few examples: Child Pose (Balasana), Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), Boat (Navasana) or Butterfly (Baddha Konasana).

You can also support your practice very well with essential oils. For example with Palo Santo, the sacred wood, or with peppermint for a clear mind.

Waxing Moon

When the moon is waxing, we not only feel more vital, but the body can also absorb well and gather a lot of strength and energy. Now is the time for creativity and growth. Maybe you can even feel that you can more easily achieve goals and dreams. The closer the full moon comes, the stronger its energy. With all your zest for action, you should also make sure you get enough sleep and rest to keep yourself in balance.

You can also be more energetic in your yoga practice. For example, Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara), the Powerful Mountain Pose (Tadasana) and Warriors I and II (Virabadrasana) are perfect asanas to energize and promote strength and determination as well as the 1st (Muladhara - security) and 3rd chakras (Manipura - Strength). You should also practice Kapalabhati (fire breathing).

You can support your everyday life and practice with lavender and incense, for example.

Full Moon

The time of the full moon is an intense time that we all feel very strongly. Perhaps you have already noticed that you are more sensitive or impatient and that you have trouble sleeping. The churning energies of the moon are strongest here. That's why it's important to find peace during this time and to be thankful for what you have and are.

Your yoga practice should also be calm with a focus on meditation and mindfulness practices.

Bending forward is perfect for coming back to you and finding your calm. Alternating breathing (Nadi Shodana) is also a way of having a balancing effect on body, mind and soul.

You can choose one of my favorite oils for everyday support: Peace and Calming.

waning moon

With the waning moon, the cycle is closed. It is characterized by the Yin energy and encourages you to bring something to a conclusion or to let go of the old. Decisions can be made and also re-evaluated.

For you, it also means taking the pressure off and doing things that bring you back to your center. What is good for you right now? What is important to you?

In your yoga practice you should also practice asanas that contribute to your regeneration. Such as Bring Fish Pose (Matsyasana) and Supported Shoulder Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana). The corkscrew (lying rotation in Yin Yoga) is also perfect. Alternating breathing and the focus on prolonged exhalation are also suitable.

Another tip from me:This was just a brief excursion into the phases of the moon. If you want to deal with it more intensively, you can find a lot on the internet. For example, it is also exciting for me to see how people eat in the different phases of the moon.

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