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we love what we do

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YOGA personalized - private and business
group & personal yoga
YOGA at the sea | Beach YOGA

YOGA online
YOGA events and workshops
YOGA for kids

"Hola y bienvenido" from Yoga Sol Mallorca

Make date with life and enjoy the moment!
You will find relaxation and a wide range of yoga classes with us.


We have the best yoga offers for everyone.


Do you live on Mallorca? 

Join us at our regular group classes in the morning or treat yourself with an individual session
(personal yoga | yoga therapy) tailored to your needs.


Are you on vacation on Mallorca?

Then get in touch with us. We offer you Personal Yoga where and when you like!
Or join us at the regular group classes.

Are you a group (private or professional) on Mallorca?

Then book "YOGA personalized" - We'll come to you with a special yoga class!

We offer lessons for every age as well as 
for beginners and advanced yogis.
Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Medical and Yin Yoga.

Our principle:
Who can breathe, can also practice yoga.

Our appointment with life takes place in the present moment, And the meeting point is exactly there.


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