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Yoga and Golf

Back from Thailand, with wonderful memories, it's now time for the season in Mallorca. We have already successfully completed the Easter time and I can tell you that the island was already very full of people. Of course, the wonderful weather with sun and around 20 degrees plays a decisive role in order to take advantage of short-term offers on the island. - Maybe for golf, too? Mallorca has a particularly large number of good golf courses, which are also wonderfully worthwhile for a short trip. Why am I focusing on golf today? On April 10th was the "Day of the Golfers" and I would like to take this as an opportunity to make a short excursion on the subject of yoga and golf. Many of my yoga students play golf, but yoga is not yet popular among golfers. At least not in Spain. The combination of golf and yoga is perfect. Many skills that you need when playing golf are trained in a yoga class. The focus on determination and concentration on the one hand, the ability to rotate and flexibility paired with strength and strength on the other hand. In addition, yoga supports even a rhythmic breathing, which is so important in the tee-off phase. Preventative measures are also taken to avoid injuries and muscular imbalances.

I try to stay calm in every situation on the golf course. Only those who have inner peace win. (Tiger Woods)

Two hours of yoga a week as a balance, in addition to regular golf is ideal. If you don't have time or you feel not good to come to a live yoga class, you can also book private sessions with other like-minded people or simply try out a YOGA online class. Want to know more about yoga for golfers? Then you are very welcome to get in touch with us.

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