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YOGA personalized - private Yoga-classes

Are you a group of friends, family, a couple or individuals?

We come to you. Your Yoga class takes place where you like it: finca, hotel, apartment or beach.

We offer different levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced

Free choice of yoga style: Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Medical Yoga or a mix of everything

Languages: German, English and Spanish

Group size: up to 6 persons (more upon request)

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YOGA personalized - Business Yoga-classes

Your company is organizing a seminar or an incentive on Mallorca or online?

We offer individually tailored concepts for yoga classes and more!

* Yoga and Business

* "Just take a deep breath!"

* Yoga in Marketing

* Meditation in the job

* Yoga quickie at lunch time

Languages: German and English

including: work material (if required)

Group size: 1-10 persons (more upon request)

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Patrick Lynen, YOGA yoga personalized

There is 90% gray average in every job. And only 10% are REALLY good. Jana is one of those 10% in the field of yoga. That's why I call her Yoga-Jana because she really loves her job. Recommendation!!

Sabine Viehof, YOGA personalized

"For me, Jana Maria's good and individual program is impressive. I always feel challenged but never overwhelmed, which I have never experienced before. She guides you through the lesson very well and shows most of the exercises and assists often if it needed. Her own well-trained body shows that she also lives what she teaches. The yoga classes with her make happier and I am more mobile. I am very happy to have found you, dear Jana."

Susanne Turowski, YOGA personalized

I had almost given up on yoga for myself, tried different teachers and schools, but I was never convinced until I ended up with Jana. Happily! And now I can't imagine being without it. I've never been this good, physically and mentally. Actually. The overall package is just right - professional, great locations, and Jana's pleasant, warm voice, combined with a friendly, warm charisma and atmosphere. It doesn't matter what level you are at, you feel you're in good hands, and Jana responds to everyone individually. Thanks to her, yoga came to me too. Top!
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